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Audhild Viken dept. Skei

Skei i Jølster is a little village, on the Norwegian west coast. Nestled between high mountains, deep lakes and not far from the famous Norwegian fjords, you can find our mother shop. This is where the family business origins from and where our story started, many decades ago.

Besides a big shopping area, you can also treat yourself to some original Norwegian food, like raspeballer, vafler or kjøttkaker. On the 2nd floor you can find a café, where you can take a break and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings of Skei i Jølster.

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Opening hours

(opening hours may vary depending on tourist season and public holidays. For more information please visit our Google page: Audhild Viken Skei)

Mon - Fri:     10am - 4.30pm
Sat:                10am - 4pm

Sun:               closed

Jølstravegen 3238, 6843 Skei i Jølster, Norway
+47 57 72 81 25

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