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Gifts and souvenirs

From Norway, the land of the fjords and Vikings.

Product range

In our shops you can find a broad range of products.
We are specialised in Norwegian knitwear, traditional arts and crafts, jewelry, trolls and souvenirs for everyone.

Traditional arts and crafts

Elaborate utility articles made with love

Audhild Viken manages and communicates the rich and diverse Norwegian arts and crafts heritage. Norwegians have been crafting objects for centuries, both for daily use and decoration. Main materials are wood, wool and stone.

Besides that, Norway has a long and versatile tradition in silver jewelry crafting. Since before the Viking age, silver has been an important part of welfare, trading and cultural heritage.

In our shops you can find a variety of wooden objects, gifts inspired by old Norwegian designs and a broad selection of renowned Norwegian jewelry brands.


Norwegian knitwear

From wool to yarn to beautiful knits.

In our Audhild Viken shops you can find a great seletion of knitwear, both traditionaland modern design. Among the brands we carry are renowned names like Dale of Norway, Oleana and Vrikke. 

Spinning of thread by means of a spindle has been known in Norway since the Viking Age, but knitting as we know it did not begin until the 1600th century.

The knitting was brought everywhere, even when they were out walking and herding the livestock. Thousands of knitting patterns were developed around the countryside, all of them with some sort of local connection. The Norwegian “lusekofte” (“lice jacket”) has become world famous.



Deep in the dark woods they lurk around…

High up north, almost as far as the North Pole, there is a country called Norway. Among the dark woods, moonlit ponds, deep fjords and snow-covered mountains, you find the trolls.

Some are huge like giants, others are small like dwarves. They may have both two and three heads, great strength, big noses and long arms, and they are not particularly smart. Trolls turn into stones when exposed to sunlight, which is why they lurk around in the dark and stay hidden during daytime. That is also why there are so many troll-like mountains in Norway. 

In the Audhild Viken shop you will find trolls in different shapes, books about trolls and other nice troll objects.



Oh joyful Christmas time!

The traditional Norwegian Christmas time is filled with lights, snow, red decorations and the sweet smell of cakes and hearty dinners. 

Nisse is the name of the Norwegian Santa, who is a goblin-like little man with a full beard, dressed in the everyday clothing of a farmer. The Nisse were believed to take care of a farmer's home and children and protect them from misfortune. One was required to please the nisse with gifts – a particular gift was a bowl of porridge on Christmas night. 

In the Audhild Viken shops it is Christmas all year round, and you will find nisser, angels, Christmas balls and other Christmas tree ornaments.



The fierce sea warriors were feared by all.

A long, long time ago Vikings ravaged and plundered, but Vikings were not only pirates; they were also merchants who travelled from Greenland in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east. Also they settled as farmers and craftsmen. Vikings believed in the Norse gods, and Odin of Valhalla came for the ones who died in battle. 

In the Audhild Viken shop you will find Viking ships, jewellery, books about Vikings and Viking gods in various sizes, plus small souvenirs.

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